Abbazia San Pietro in Valle



The tradition attributes the founding of the Abbey to Faroaldo II Duke of Spoleto in the 8th century. Here Faroaldo took monastic vows, died in 728 and was buried in the Abbey Church which has became the Mausoleum of the Lombard dukes since that year.
Passed into the ownership of Spoleto, and partially destroyed by the Saracens, the abbey was rebuilt between X and XI century. It had an extensive territorial patrimony and a great influence on the lives of his territories until the beginning of XIV century, when it was assigned to the Lateran Chapter.
Later the Cybo family took care about the Abbey, and after also the Ancajani family who were abbots here and curators of his restoration.
In 1890 Decio Ancajani bought the Abbey which passed into private hands. In 1917 the last descendant of the Ancajani family surrendered the Abbay to the parish priest of Ferentillo and sold the convent to Ermete Costanzi. Costanzi and his family, the present owners, oversaw the recent restoration which was completed in 1998.


mini_storia_2The legend tells the story of two hermits named John and Lazarus, who arrived in the territories surrounding Spoleto. Here they built a hermitage which became a place of worship for the local people.
After Giovanni’s death, a distressed Lazzaro prayed the Lord to comfort himand he saw in his dreams the appearance of Faroaldo II Duke od Spoleto San Pietro, who invited him to build a church and a monastery in his honor.


The abbey church can only be visited on weekends by calling the parish delegates or the parish priest of Ferentillo. The attached hotel does NOT have the keys to the church.

Abbazia San Pietro in Valle