Our charming rooms mostly derive from the old cells where the Benedictine monks of the abbey used to live, or from the lodge, and every room is different from the other: some rooms have a fireplace, others wooden shelves and niches, built-in wardrobes, lobbies or loopholes.

The unique, timeless atmosphere of the abbey can be felt everywhere, in every room.

You can choose among different kinds of accommodation in every part of the abbey:

  • Rooms in the guardroom

    Four rooms in the newest part of the Abbey, dating back to 1500. These rooms were originally the storehouse, but today they have been transformed into comfortable rooms with private bathroom, shower, TV set, mini fridge and hairdryer.
    They are on the mezzanine floor and can be reached from the main portico of the Abbey. Two rooms overlook the inner garden and the apses of the church, the other two rooms overlook the surrounding landscape, with the beautiful contrast between green and blue. Klimaanlage

  • Rooms in the lodge

    Four rooms on the ground floor in the small cloister, daring back to 15th century. They are intimate and secluded; they can be reached through a small door.
    These rooms were originally built in order to welcome possible guests in the abbey, a place where they could rest and eat before setting put on their journey again.
    That old spirit still survives inside these 4 rooms: every room has a low ceiling, a small, well-lit window in the thick wall, and bathroom
    They still remind us of the original cells assigned to the monks, here you can easily find silence and peace inside yourself. Every one with air conditioning.

  • Rooms in the cloister

    Eleven rooms on the first floor, with entrance from the cloister. Every room is different, unique in its style. The old vestry is a large room with a small spiral staircase near the wardrobe (today it is closed) which was probably used to connect the room with the upper apse.
    Two rooms overlook the small cloister, one of them has a fireplace too.
    Four rooms on the second floor are well lit and comfortable.
    They are similar, one next to the other, comfortable and confidential, overlooking the wonderful valley. From the beautiful portico, dating back to 12th century, we get to three beautiful rooms overlooking the village of Umbriano: the old kitchen is a small piece of art, with a big fireplace and shelves made of stone.
    The rooms are called Fra Lazzaro and Fra Donato, they are both comfortable and large, each one with its small living room. Just round the corner we find two more charming rooms.
    They overlook the Mount Solenne, where the abbey lies as well. They are comfortable, sober and well kept. The walls are very thick and here you can really breath the Benedictine history. Every one with bathroom and Air conditioning

  • Family Suite

    On the ground floor, with entrance from the cloister. It used to be the Caretaker’s room, he actually controlled the entrance and the monks’ private area.
    The bedroom is pretty small and secluded, its windows overlook the valley.
    The living room is comfortable, with a beautiful fireplace. A sofa bed for two is available, so the room is suitable for a family or small group of four people. Every one with air conditioning

  • The Abbot’s suite

    It is probably the most beautiful room of the abbey. It offers well-lit windows overlooking the valley and the village of Umbriano.
    It’s a junior suite with a high ceiling and big wooden beams; it’s embellished with a big 16th century painting depicting St. Peter.
    It offers a small living room with fireplace, and a bedroom with king size bed. A comfortable bathroom with hydro massage is available as well. Air conditioning

Rooms in the guardroom

Rooms in the lodge

Rooms in the cloister

Family Suite

The Abbot’s suite