Abbazia San Pietro in Valle

Antique Interior

Arch Room

Intimate room where spend time togeter with your family and friends. At your disposal, a well stocked library, games and playing cards.  


HORA MEDIA restaurant, its name recalls the Benedictine origins of the wonderful abbey of San Pietro in Valle, where the restaurant is. This a timeless place where you can enjoy your own time, mainly the one spent for good food and conviviality. Our dishes are prepared with local season products,[…]

The Panoramic Garden

Surely the most fascinating part of the Monastery, where the sight can expand to break all boundaries, over the Valnerina valley, and break trhough its fabulous landscapes to reach on to the medieval abandoned village of Umbriano. A thousand and six hundred square metres large private garden, provided with outern[…]

Reading Room and Billiard Room

Cosy and elegant halls to enjoy reading and other restfull activities, for all day times and for Our Guests’ best relaxation. In the reading room it would be possible to arrange small meeting events and business briefings. The ancient “Sala del Capitolo” is nowadays provided with a billiard.